Events on February 23, 2017

Experts Recommend the Film “Love Always Santa” For Those Snowed In

Love Always, Santa

NORTHFIELD, MN – With a major winter storm predicted to dump as much as a foot of snow across the southern Minnesota Friday, officials at the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce issued an urgent bulletin Thursday morning, recommending the romantic comedy Love Always Santa to anyone confined to their homes by the inclement weather.

“Given widespread whiteout conditions on roadways across the region, we are urging citizens to stay inside and wait out this storm curled up on the couch watching the charming and endearing tale of how a simple letter to Santa changed the lives of three people,” said Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce President, Todd Bornhauser.  “Since snowy conditions are likely to persist throughout the evening, citizens should not hesitate to watch this wonderful movie, which was filmed almost entirely in Northfield, a second time, especially the heartwarming climactic scene when Jake rides through the snow covered fields to get to the wishing well where he finds Celia and Lily, and they ride off happily-ever-after!”

Bornhauser added that he and director of tourism, Lisa Peterson had already begun emergency talks with Hallmark Movies & Mysteries to begin delivering a much-needed movie marathon to those in the hardest-hit areas.